Investing in the Business of Mindfulness with Charlie Hartwell & Maureen Pelton


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This week Ashley has a conversation with Maureen Pelton and Charlie Hartwell of ShiftIt Institute to discuss the business of investing in mindfulness and creating social impact on a large scale through mindfulness. Maureen is a pioneer in the field of embodiment - aligning our true nature, attuning our highest potential, and holding space for divinity. She is a mystic, spiritual activator, wife, mother, intuitive, integrative psychotherapist, executive coach, teacher, and energy worker with over 35 years of professional experience. Charlie’s spiritual awakening began when he lost his grandfather and father in a 2 year period when his business was failing and his marriage died. This opened him up to the deeper calling of the universe. His spiritual awakening was amplified by meeting Maureen. Their sacred union echoed Maureen’s dedication to be of service to love; ShiftIt is an extension of that love. Charlie is the “collaborative glue” of Bridge Builders, a group of investors focused on mental wellness, consciousness and spirituality based startups. He is a bottom up leader that empowers entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, scientists, teams, and organizations. He connects businesses to ideas, people and resources, and major growth follows.

Ashley, Maureen, and Charlie dive deep into the divine feminine, toxic masculinity and why so many businesses and systems are built using a masculine model, their collaborative effort to ignite expanded states of human consciousness in compassionate and practical ways, how they met and their journey to creating ShiftIt Institute, some of the apps they’ve invested in (Headspace and Insight Timer to name a few), navigating choices surrounding the wellness journey and where to start, the importance of expanders and connection in the self care space, and so much more.

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