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Finding your voice can involve years of learning, striving, struggle and frustration after years of hiding and suppressing your true self if you grew up in a home where self-expression and creativity weren’t encouraged like Kirbanu. Kirbanu had dreams of being a professional singer as a child but the beliefs she’d learned about self-expression as a child limited her as she entered her teen and young adult years. She eventually left home and travelled the world where her music studies took her to Rome, New York, Boston, Sydney, and beyond. Eventually, Kirbanu’s 20 years of training experience, mindfulness practices and transformative techniques led her to creating her own voice training programs to help others find their voice and use it confidently, with power and impact in any situation.

In this episode, Ashley chats with Kirbanu all about how to heal and empower oneself through voice. Kirbanu shares on her journey to becoming a professional recording artist and voice coach, what it means to find your voice and how to find it, singing mantras, Why your relationship with the Divine is your choice and your choice alone, meditation music, self-expression, and so much more.

Kirbanu’s voice training programs are easy-to-use, proven and effective. She’s witnessed their power in herself and in countless students. Kirbanu believes you are unique, your voice is unique, and your message should be shared.

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