Bryant Wood: The Modern Breath BEcomes Extraordinary


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ALOHA and namaste and welcome back to another episode of YOGA REVEALED!

On todays episode I am excited to introduce to you Bryant Wood. Bryant is an inspirational speaker, master breath work practitioner and teacher. With the transformative experience of being a former model and bodybuilder turned yogi, Bryant travels the world sharing his unique perspectives on body, breath, and mind awareness. Co founder of Modern Nirvana, a company that catalyzes transformation in peoples lives in order to take control of our spiritual and physical wellbeing, Bryant is here in LOVE!

I am so grateful to have your presence, hearts, and JOY of sharing YOGA together!

If you want to find Bryant on IG, check him out at @bryant.give, or myself @aleclovelifeyoga. We are both on clubhouse, check us out and join us in our future rooms!

Thank you for tuning in with us on today's episode of the Yoga Revealed Podcast!

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