7 - Molto Bene with Stuart Daulman


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It's one week until the biggest event on Sam's calendar: The World Cup. Fellow soccer tragic Stuart Daulman joins us get ramped up. We chat about the new Kanye track, Sam's previous job at Suncorp stadium, Stuart's gambling problem and most importantly: we go through each and every one of McDonalds' special World Cup burgers! This episode isn't just good, it's MOLTO BENE! If you want to see more of Stu, check out his series Stuesdays at youtube.com/stuesdayslol, or follow him on Twitter: @stu_whatAlso, keep leaving your reviews on iTunes, spreading the word and hitting us up on Twitter: @SamCGray, @Dassalo, @YouBeautyPod and Facebook.com/YouBeautyPodcast

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