(I Guess the Title of this Episode is) Deez Nuts


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*Disclaimer* This episode talks a lot about drugs & alcohol. We do not advocate the use of substances, but we sure as hell can reminisce about them.

Well, Nick had an ace up his sleeve, and his name is Sami Nassar, childhood friend of the Massouh family, condo hotel owning entrepeneur, but most importantly one of the OG Buds of '94. Oh, you remember that episode when Nick mentioned that teenagers would cross the boarder from El Paso into Juarez and proceed to "drink and drown"? Well, Sami not only corroborates Nick's insane stories, but gives us an even better look into what it was like for that genearation to party hardy.

We also check out some of the thoughts of Facebook (bleh) users on what they think makes Gen X *Gen X*. And boy these takes are "hot".


Wanna get away? Visit Sami! https://www.facebook.com/TiaraDelSolCondos


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