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Cautious Clay is Deep. He's an amazingly well rounded musician known for his poetic lyrics. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, and lyricist, he got his start taking flute lessons from YouTube phenomenon known for playing the flute while beatboxing. His deeply intuitive understanding of music led to Clay preferring to listen to notes, rather than reading them, to learn songs. He eventually went on to pick up the sax, the guitar, and become a formidable producer, even catching the eye of Billie Eilish early on. His 2018 banger “Cold War” got the ever-important Insecure placement, and 2019’s Table of Context was released to rave reviews followed by sold out shows. Tune in to hear us talk about being in the band, bridging the music gap, and rust belt.


2:40- Cleveland

5:30- Parents and music

6:36- Outsider in Cleveland

8:50- Movies and Music

17:15- Raised on parents favorite music

19:50- Rust belt

24:50- Were you a band kid?

26:30- Stuck in the middle

29:15- Our nations capital

32:19- Bridging the gap

41:00- Where to find me

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