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Music makes us feel elevated, and we chose West Atlanta natives EarthGang to represent that feeling. Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been elevating their craft together since their high school days. Having self-released a bevy of records and acquiring a cult following, EarthGang signed with Dreamville in 2017 poised to take their next big step.

On the verge of releasing their major label debut, Mirrorland, we sat with EarthGang to talk about how they’ve elevated their style, and remained elevated above the pitfalls of a music industry that can be reliant on cheap stunts and clout chasing. They’ve stayed the course since their college days of releasing music, and 2019 looks to be the year of the big pay off. Spillage Village peers like J.I.D. and 6lack have been on an exponential rise, and Mirrorland has the potential to elevate EarthGang into the stratosphere as well.

Listen to them give behind the scenes insight into one of the most talked about studio sessions of the year in Return of the Dreamers III, how life has changed since signing to Dreamville, their unabashed love for their home city, and much more on “You Feel Me?”


4:30: Atlanta coming out for Dreamville Rap Camp

7:30: Staying grounded in the industry

9:03: Elevated

9:50: Naming your strain

11:10: Signing to Dreamville

16:20: Fans of comedy

20:15: Misconceptions of Atlanta

26:50: Working with local talent

36:46: Surprise musical tastes

43:10: Touring with Billie Eilish

45:10: Parents in the pit

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