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Jeremy Jones is a legendary snowboarder known for going deeper, further, and higher. Going pro as a 16 year old in the early days of the snowboard industry, as time went on he noticed climate change affecting winter wonderlands he’d frequented. In 2007 he decided to do something about and started Protect Our Winters. For over a decade the non-profit has been fighting climate change with political activism and organization. All the while Jeremy has lowered his carbon footprint by filming some of the most epic lines of all time without the help of helicopters or snow machines. He and his team hike and camp in pursuit of the gnarliest lines humanly imaginable.


0:00- Starting POW

7:35- Getting the message going

10:00- Individual Change

13:00- Getting into the politics

26:00- Winters at home

36:11- Ski bums

42:50- Early Days in snowboarding

56:45- Splitboarding in Alaska

1:04:35- Connecting with nature through snowboarding

1:06:25- Seeking winter

1:08:00- Body Management

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