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Lee Fields’ career as a soul singer has spanned over 6 decades. It started with a talent show in Wilson, NC when he was 14, and has continued to this day. He’s been everything from a cover artist, to a one man band, a real estate manager, to a Billboard charting phenom, and now a living legend and road warrior with his band The Expressions.

Interviewing someone who’s lived so much life is easy, just set up the mics and let them tell their story. Lee had plenty of story to share. Tune in to hear him explain his start in North Carolina before moving to New York at age 17. He goes through every decade of his life with precision and detail, explaining how at times he lived somewhat of a duel life as a family man running a real estate business during the week, and a show stopping performer on the weekend.

After decades of releasing records, the last decade might even be the most fruitful for Mr. Fields legacy. He’s released 5 phenomenal albums over the last 10 years with The Expressions, showing amazing consistency, infinite charisma, and timeless soul. Their latest release, It Rains Love, puts the chops Lee’s developed over the years on full display and is a must listen for soul music lovers.


0:30: Being home from tour

1:50: Wanting to be an entertainer

6:40: Moving to NYC in the 70's

13:00 Performing for the celebs of NYC

14:34: Dress to impress

15:00: Love at first sight

21:00: Fatherhood in tragedy

25:50: Balancing family and tour

30:25: Remaining relevant in music

32:00: Bigger fish to fry

35:10: Recording in the fish shop

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