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Your favorite rapper’s rapper, Smino, sits down with host Lee Shaner before a show in Brooklyn. Smino tells us how crazy it was to be in St. Louis during the 2000s, growing up with musical parents, and recites a rap he wrote at age 7. Remember to subscribe and stay tuned after the interview for a special Skullcandy discount code.


0:05 Growing up in St. Louis

5:25 Smino’s parents preforming music live and jamming together when he was growing up

6:40 Early days of making beats

11:25 Favorite rappers growing up

12:30 How inflections helped him develop his rap style.

18:45 Battle rapping in middle school

21:45 Getting the name Smino

25:20 The connection between dogs and humans

36:30 How long does it take Smino to write a song?

45:00 Early days on tour

47:46 Credits and headphone discount

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