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Smrtdeath is part of a booming indie scene that’s been frequently mislabeled ‘emo rap,’ but is showing itself to be an amalgamation of a litany of styles beyond emo and rap. The scene has exploded since we first covered it in 2017 and smrtdeath, with his booming voice harmonized and distorted with just the right amount of autotune, has become a staple. But this style isn’t his first foray into music, and at first he had a purist’s aversion to autotune. Tune in to hear us discuss the evolution of his style — music and fashion sense — and the odd jobs he’s maintained while growing his career as an indie musician.


2:10- Growing up North of the boarder

4:50- Being apart of the scene

6:29- Dress for Success

8:05- Finding your sound

14:59- Beat Thief

17:10- Anti Autotune

27:30- Too old for the game

29:10: On the hustle

35:00- Son of lawyers

40:05- Moving to LA

45:00- Tattoos

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