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Soccer Mommy is rad. With a sound rooted in 90s rock and an aesthetic rooted in 90s kitsch, Soccer Mommy embodies throwback radness. Her humble beginnings as a bedroom musician in Nashville were interrupted by the time she got to NYU for college and realized she had some big decisions to make. Music was pulling her away from school, and thankfully for us, she followed the calling from the rock gods. Hear us talk about being head of the class, recording music sans computers and growing up in Nashville.


1:45: Recording without a computer

4:05: Nashville

7:55: Top of the class

11:20: Starting young

16:00: Finding Influences

17:30: Obscure media

19:37: High school musical

27:35: Band camp

30:30: Valedictorian speech

35:20: Getting your first deal

29:49: Recording in New York

43:00: Response to Clean

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