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Travis Thompson has had a busy couple years. The emerging rapper was on tour with with another Seattle rapper, Macklemore, when I met him in 2017. It was his first time on the road and he’d recently quit his job. The tour led to a collaboration, the collaboration led him to appearing on The Tonight Show.

The video we shot upon meeting organically sky rocketed into the millions of views, as did nearly every music video he released after. He released an album that led to a headlining tour, and somehow garnered a cult following in Mexico City without speaking Spanish. Needless to say the labels came knocking.

2018 was a year of press runs, label meetings, battling loneliness, writing rap songs, signing to a major, and planning a career. Now with his first major label EP, Runaways, recently released, Travis is poised to become another name in the long list of heavy hitters from a city with a quietly storied lineage in rap history.

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2:06: Runaways EP

2:36: Getting noticed

4:45: Being on The Tonight Show

11:44: Writing with meaning

14:40: Working on Films

18:05: YNW Melly

18:45: DIY Production

24:40: Being on Sway

31:29: Meeting with labels

37:19: Being home

40:09: Tour Plans

44:40: Meeting other rappers

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