Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Rick and Kate Chat with Gregg Clunis


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Gregg Clunis from the Tiny Leaps, Big Changes podcast joins Kate and Rick for a discussion about the small things you can do to cultivate bigger shifts in your life. Making meaningful and long term change can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially when it comes to staying healthy in a tasty world. In a world that requires adapting on an almost daily basis, how do you break down the big picture into tiny frames? What happens when you don’t feel like making a change? How do you get unstuck from the stuck place? Learning not to be overwhelmed by the big shifts needed and finding your way, bit by bit, is an important key to long term success. Also, a homemade cashew chicken is up for discussion as well as lettuce soup – that’s right, you heard correctly - lettuce soup.

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