77. How to Avoid Drama in your Life


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Tired of too much drama in the world?

While some people might enjoy drama, for most of us, it gets old quickly. Stop accepting that it’s just a part of life. Sure, no one can avoid drama all the time, but there are ways to manage it.

Today in Your Circle of Influence, Dr. Monikah and Amy talk about the definition of drama and they give tips on how to keep your life free of unnecessary internal and external drama. Listen to this episode to know how to have a drama-free and happier life.

  • Have your own safe space to vent like having a journal.
  • Don’t spend too much time on things that are not going to change.
  • Recognize that there are times when you need to unplug to recharge.
  • Face the drama, do not run or avoid it. But at the same time do not swim on it.

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