Daily Astrology For Your Soul with Astrologer Kelli Fox: July 29th, 2020


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Join accredited professional astrologer, Kelli Fox, on today’s podcast as she shares her daily wisdom about how the planets are affecting us each day. Discover how to make the most of these cosmic energies especially during challenging times. Here’s the overview for today:

Today’s Sun-Moon trine makes for an easy-going day, with good humor and plenty of social niceties. This aspect also contributes a sense of purpose to the day, which many of us will be able to use to accomplish satisfying tasks. For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, getting outdoors is important, and sports will bring all kinds of benefits. Staying active is important for everyone. Looking ahead, August begins with a Mercury-Pluto opposition, so think carefully about how you present your case or argue your point. If it’s your birthday today, the coming year brings opportunities to pursue your calling. If you haven’t discovered it yet, be open to signs from the universe.


The Sun-Moon trine brings a sense of purpose to the day, as well as good humor.

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