Trump or Biden: Who’s gonna cook your TSP nestegg?


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Worried about your financial portfolio, your job, and your retirement, not to mention the future of the nation, if that idiot (fill-in-the-blanks) wins Tuesday? Tip from a Washington D.C. insider: The next president’s last name has 5 letters. You take it from there! Seriously. What if you really, for-dead-certain, knew right now whether President Donald J. Trump will be reelected or whether former Vice President Joseph Biden will replace him. Knew for sure. Would that knowledge change whether you decide to add more stocks — the C, S and I funds — to your portfolio? Or would you move more, perhaps everything, into the “safe” Treasury securities G fund? And if you had known last December what 2020 was going look like, would you have done any better? Would your investments — especially those based on political emotions — have been any better? Arthur Stein, a Washington area financial planner, says politics should NOT be a part of your investment strategy. And he talked about it on today's episode of Your Turn.

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