Scale Your Business by Outsourcing Your Marketing


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Whether you’re a startup, a mature company, or a mom-and-pop, without the right marketing and messaging, you are destined to fail.

Amanda Rabideau has spent her entire career helping businesses of all sizes avoid this fate. She’s the founder of Arch Collective, where she helps companies create marketing plans and strategies to reach their ideal clients.

Today, Amanda joins the podcast to talk about the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO instead of an in-house specialist, how to get multiple talented people to work for you without paying out a full-time salary, and the steps you can do right now to 10x - or even 20x - your business.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • The mistakes Amanda has seen entrepreneurs make as they try to get their message out into the world.
  • The common problems with in-house marketing hires at young companies - and why it’s so easy to spend lots of money without achieving significant ROI.
  • What a fractional CMO is and does - and how they provide unique expertise and assistance to leaders who have to do 10 million things in a single workday.
  • How to create manageable metrics and use productivity tools to hold your marketing teams accountable.
  • Why working with a fractional CMO and their team is more like a long-term dating relationship than a marriage - and why Amanda, who works exclusively with post-Series A B2B tech startups, has had to turn down multiple full-time job offers from clients.
  • How to manage priorities as you create and set marketing budgets.
  • Why no business owner can do it all themselves - and where to find affordable, great talent when you need it.

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