Podcast 36: Toxic Brothericity or: Strange Blue Me


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Another contribution of this movie to our childhood is just the word 'hork.'"
Hey for the first in a run of guest hosts, we're joined by Roy's big brother Josh! We reminisce about when we grew up together -- watching Elvis movies and enjoying a sweet smoke after downing a bunch of Elsinore beers. Oh and also the movie genre this time has something to do with movie titles based on previously existing songs. That sort of comes into play, sort of.
0:00 -- Intro (introducing Josh Fillmore, Depeche Mode concerts, song semantics)
8:59 -- Blue Hawaii
32:54 -- Strange Brew
52:12 -- Stand By Me
1.20:31 -- Awards and rankings
1.58:02 -- Next podcast planning
2.29:53 -- Outro and outtakes
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