Podcast 38: Rhinestallone


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"Sorry Dolly. Sorry my mom who sent me a text five minutes ago saying she's ashamed of me."
We're honored with the presence of the wise Mark for round 2 of the Kiss Your Franchise Goodbye crossover! The best part is we made him talk about his least favorite movie ever. Also, was it a mistake to choose movies where action stars do comedy? I mean, the genre isn't really known for any cinematic classics. Despite this, the three-hour barrier is finally broken.
0:00 -- Intro (introducing Mark De Leon, Chinese first and last names)
7:43 -- Rhinestone
42:59 -- Top Dog
1.23:45 -- My Lucky Star
1.47:38 -- Awards and rankings
2.40:18 -- Future business
2.59:45 -- Outro and outtakes
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