Podcast 42: Tarp Vest


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Yours, Mine, & Theirs

"We're all average and some of us are pretty crappy."
Veterans of the podcast Josh and JB join us for some post-traumatic therapy as well as lots of inappropriate laughter (as usual). The genre this time is veteran movies, with an emphasis on the Vietnam Conflict.

0:00 -- Intro (Josh Fillmore and JB Flinders return, quick movie impressions)
8:21 -- First Blood
45:22 -- In Country
1.03:15 -- Born on the Fourth of July
1.31:59 -- Awards and rankings
2.44:13 -- Future business
2.58:06 -- Outro and outtakes
Hey! Be sure to watch Conan the Barbarian; Ator, the Fighting Eagle; and Willow for next time!
Hey! See the Siskel & Ebert where they review Born on the Fourth of July (also Tango and Cash that episode)!

Hey! We made a lot of references to the fake movie Plantoon which is a Phil Hendrie joke that's apparently behind a paywall so we can't link to it, but find it if you can!

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