Podcast 46: Found Feet


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"We're recording this after the plague descended upon Mike Pence."

The Yours, Mine, & Theirs 2020 scarefest RETURNS with footage and their feet! Zo RETURNS. Our overblown talk at the beginning where we go over recent extra-curricular scary movie watchings RETURNS.

Stick around after the credits! Roy and Jon rank EVERY Halloween mixtape/CD/playlist and it's record-breaking! Seriously it's long. We go on longer than the podcast itself. Most filibusters are shorter.
0:00 -- Intro (house report, scary movie report)
23:10 -- [REC]
42:55 -- Lake Mungo
1.06:02 -- Hell House LLC
1.35:21 -- Awards and rankings
2.17:13 -- Spooky future business
2.23:39 -- Outro and eternal Halloween CD/playlist ranking
4.20:21 -- Actual end of the audio
Hey! The Halloween cramdown continues! Be sure to watch Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and Slumber Party Massacre II for next time!

Hey! Also watch The Blair Thumb I guess!

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