Podcast 58: Myth Management


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"That's his thing -- he likes to eat cities and princesses."

Three or four years of anticipation are satisfied as we finally speak of Greek tales thousands of years old (or at least from the Italian Film Commission 67 years ago). Andy from Kiss Your Franchise Goodbye completes his required double stint of servitude. Also, as a special guest our old friend Ammon joins to talk some sense of this myth stuff. He's some sort of professor!
0:00 -- Intro (KYFG update, potential for Ammon)
14:32 -- Ulysses
47:24 -- Clash of the Titans
1.14:36 -- Ammon course correction
1.40:22 -- Hercules
2.05:49 -- Awards and rankings
3.23:15 -- Future business
3:28:52 -- Outro and outtakes

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