Episode 115: "Sabbath" with A.J. Swoboda


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I once heard someone say that judging from how Christians choose to live these days, the ten commandments God gave to Moses should be relabeled as the 10 suggestions. That’s certainly justified when it comes to the fourth commandment which tells us to remember and keep a Sabbath. Who does that anymore? Our kids have no idea what is means to Sabbath. The frantic pace of life in today’s world has combined with other trends to undo a commitment to Sabbath-keeping. Sadly, we’re coming undone as a result, and we realize we’re weary. What is Sabbath? Why is sabbath important? And how can we rediscover Sabbath-keeping so that we can once again find rest in the midst of our busy lives? We’re chatting with A.J. Swoboda about our Sabbath dilemma, and his book, Subversive Sabbath, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

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