Episode 92: "Recovering a Proper Understanding of Work" with Luke Bobo


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Do you remember the old 1981 song from the band Loverboy? "Everybody’s working for the weekend" is how the familiar chorus goes. If you think about it, that chorus really captures how we’ve come to think about and engage in work. In today’s world, work is functionally seen as drudgery, or even as an unpleasant activity that’s necessary for no other purpose than to fund our leisure activities. But that is not what work is intended to be. In the larger Grand Story of the bible, our work matters. And if we fail to understand and teach a rich theology of calling, vocation, and work, we shortchange our kids. How can we recover a proper understanding of work? And who must youth workers become if we hope to disciple kids into doing all things to the glory of God? Stick with us as we talk about this largely neglected area of discipleship, along with a helpful new youth ministry resource we can use to prepare kids for vocational flourishing, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

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