Episode 97: "Stop Letting Your Kids Make The Call" with Dr. Leonard Sax


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These days, I’m hearing fewer and fewer pastors, school-teachers, and youth workers praising parents for doing a great job with their kids. And more and more I’m reading research that laments the loss of absolutes, the lack of discipline, and increase in entitlement, and the decline in mental health among our children and teens. One of the clear causal factors feeding these trends is a decline in effective parenting. But there is hope. Christian parents can break out of the cultural flow and reassert their authority in ways that will lead kids to healthy spiritual, physical, and emotional growth. Join as we chat with one of the most insightful voices guiding us into an understanding of what it means to parent well, Dr. Leonard Sax, as we chat with him about his best-selling book, The Collapse of Parenting, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.

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