100: We Kept Going!


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When Steve and Mathew first got this idea, back in 2017, to create a podcast to encourage youth workers to keep going, it seemed like a fun, somewhat daunting, pie-in-the-sky concept. It also seemed like overkill. I mean, who needs another podcast? Who would listen? And who do we think we are?
Until we got the most brilliant idea in the history of podcasting--use llamas in the branding. With that, the Youth Ministry Sherpas were born.
Since then, it’s been all uphill. Episode #00 launched on January 16, 2018. Now, nearly four years of adventures and outtakes, we’ve made it to Episode 100, which technically is something like Episode 207, but that’s part of the story.
In this episode, we celebrate our history together. The early awkwardness, the introduction of the insane idea to do 26 straight days of “Sherpa Shorts,” our trips to DYM 100 and the rental of the epic beachfront Sherpa House, the National Youth Worker’s Convention that almost got stuck on the tarmac of BWI, and our entry into the humbling world of “Sherpa Legends.” Of course, we also share our blooper reel, which could double as a ventriloquist test pack.
Anyway, with over 60 years of ministry experience, and 108 years of life, here is Episode 100 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast. A Tour De Farce, er, we mean, a Tour De Force.
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