105 Fast Food and Jesus - One Student’s Salvation Story


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Not what I expected! We should never be surprised at how God shows up and shows off but I still get surprised. Margot looked like any churched student and she hung out with those who were. But at one breakfast meeting I got more than I expected.

God doesn’t wait for us to be ready. He inserts Himself and His miracles at the right time and at the best we should expect a Holy Surprise at any moment in our life. There are students and adults like Margot all over the world and right in your presence wherever you are. They don’t have a sign on them that says “Hey, look at me!!! I have questions and I am ready to encounter God through Jesus Christ Right Now! Ask me anything about God because I know nothing, but I am desperate inside! Hey, over here…I don’t know what to ask or how to ask but I am RIGHT HERE!!! Please See Me!”

They aren’t wearing signs. They blend in and they look like they have it all together. Margot was a senior at the top of her class, but she was desperate for an encounter with God. She asked me after a Campus Life meeting, “Could we meet tomorrow? I have some questions.” Keep your eyes, ears and heart open! Be ready for the unexpected, because God is always moving on people’s hearts and minds. (John 3:16, Philippians 1:3)


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