Ep.72 - Only Nerds Watch Tubi


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For years it's felt like we've been asking the rest of the world to take our word for it that Sailor Moon was a Canadian cultural phenomenon, but at long last we have seen a distinct example of that in practice with Sailor Moon's launch on Crave last month. Karl and Kyle join me to talk about why this launch led to an explosion on social media, despite the fact that the show has been available on Tubi for years! We also discuss some other recent news stories such as Viz's new partnership with Funimation and AT&T's apparent desire to sell off Crunchyroll. We also take a look at the outrageous prices of Sentai Filmworks titles on Amazon.ca to underline what a terrible decision Crunchyroll made by choosing them to handle their home video distribution. What was your reaction to Sailor Moon appearing on Crave? If they get more anime, is there anything specific you think they should grab next? If so, I'd love to hear from you! Share your thoughts at zannencanada@gmail.com.

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