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“Dude, you can get past a dog. Nobody f's with a lion.” - Grandma's Boy “You notice things if you pay attention.” - In The Mood For Love Marcus Pinn likes movies. Scott Thorough likes movies. Marcus writes about movies (Pinnland Empire, The Pink Smoke), and Scott sometimes scores movies (Newlyweeds, Manos Sucias). They both have a background in hyper underground rap music, and enjoy sandwiches. Through a deep love of rap music, wrestling, and dissecting low and high brow cinema, Marcus and Scott developed an interesting kinship. After a bar conversation about movies where a stranger interrupted to tell them how much they enjoyed listening, they decided, “hey let's see if other people want to listen to our zany thoughts about film”. “Zebras In America” is a stream of consciousness rap on film and anywhere it may take a conversation. "Zebras In America Opening Theme" music by Scott, scratches by Marcus. Logo created by DJ SNAFU

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