Episode 146


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A frolic through films old and new. Enchanted Desna and Distance were the goals of the episode. We were also sent a screener of the beautiful The Goddess Of Fortune which should be stream able now. Also, some of Spike Jonze's best work is his skateboard videos. are you mad at me? reach out if you are bored/struggling both or neither We are virtually around Also, PLEASE RATE US ON ITUNES AND ANYWHERE YOU CAN RATE US Yo we have shirts and masks- rdbl.co/2AYLPah Are there other Zebras items you would like to purchase? Email us at ZebrasPod@gmail.com Also email us if you’d like us to review your movie Tweet us at @ZebrasPod Want Marcus to review your film in the written form? PinnlandEmpire.com Want Scott to score your movie? ScottThorough.com Check out Marcus’ new album marcus9.bandcamp.com/album/the-mpc-era Check out Scott’s new album- scottthorough.bandcamp.com/album/bird Scott’s new single- uddtba.bandcamp.com/album/losing-my…se-of-detention God bless everyone with shades on

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