Cave Bears and Ethiopian Geladas


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In episode 6 of Zoology Ramblings, Robi talks about the enormous cave bear which used to inhabit the UK, which weighed up to 1000kgs and was entirely vegetarian! I talk about the Gelada monkeys of the Ethiopian highlands and how they have been driven to the roof of the world by humans and aggressive ancestors of baboons.

Sorry we haven't released an episode for a while, we have been busy with the launch of our new project "Biome". We are collaborating with a production called Grizzly, making exciting video podcasts about wildlife re-introductions to the UK as well as global and local conservation topics. To check out our video podcast, search for "The Biome Podcast" on YouTube. For more wildlife content you can also check Robi and I out on Instragram under emma_hodson_wildlife and robi_watkinson_wildlife

We hope you enjoy our latest ramble with a slightly different structure but hopefully equally engaging animal content!

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