COP26, A new shark species, Hog badgers, Potoos, Rhino breeding program update and Tuskless elephants


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In episode 15 of Zoology Ramblings, Robi and I record our first episode from Leeds, where we are living together for our final year of university. For our news section we talk about COP26 and whether it is going far enough to tackle the climate crisis and Robi talks about a new species of shark. For our animals of the week, I talk about the bizarre and wonderful hog badger and Robi talks about the slightly terrifying Potoo bird. For our conservation section, I talk about the decision to withdraw one of the last two northern white rhinos from the breeding program and Robi talks about tuskless elephants in response to ivory poaching.


COP26 and climate change:


Hog badgers:



Tuskless elephants:

Thanks as always to the wonderful Allie for the piano tune.

We hope you enjoy our latest ramble!

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