Hot pink slugs, Alien-like Hirola and The Elephant Ivory Trade


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Welcome to episode 9, part 1 of Zoology Ramblings with Emma and Robi! Apologies we haven't released one of these in a while- we have been busy with our other podcast 'The Biome Podcast'. Please feel free to check that one out if you wanted more regular content.

This week we talk about neon-pink slugs which live on one mountain-top in Australia and nowhere else in the world. They really are hot pink and awesome but are also threatened by climate change. Robi talks about the Hirola, which is an alien-looking antelope with very large scent glands below its eyes, which is threatened by political turbulence and harsh environmental conditions.

We also talk about elephants and the ivory trade which has been catastrophic to African elephant populations. We discuss an amazing conservation project called elephants and bees which is helping reduce human-elephant conflict as well as empowering farmers.

Thank you Allie for the wonderful little piano tune :)

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