Mexican hairy dwarf porcupines, beaked whales, Bolivian bushfires, Sumatran rhinos and Beavers!


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In episode 5 of Zoology Ramblings we split our podcast into 3 parts with breaks in between each section to make it easier for you guys, our listeners, in case you don't want to listen to the full hour all at once. Part one ends at 00:15:28, part 2 starts at 00:15:41 and ends at 00:42:18, part 3 starts at 00:42:31 and ends at 00:54:52:10. In part 1 (animals of the week) we talk about the hairy mexican dwarf porcupine (I know right, epic name!), a new species of beaked whale in Japan. In part 2 (global conservation topics) we talk about the wildlifes in the Ambue, Ari, Bolivia and the efforts on the ground to try and tackle the inferno and the plight of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. In part 3 (our local UK conservation topic) we talk about beavers and their reintroduction to the UK, both legally and illegally (yes, there is such a thing as illegal beavers). Hope you enjoy our latest ramble!

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