21: … I’m Married, Now What?! | Love + Relationships


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You got the ring. You said I do. It’s 10 days later, and now you’re slightly panicking and wondering… WHAT'S NEXT?! Fear not! This week Zuri chats with licensed Marriage + Family Therapist Mallory Wolfgramm, and her husband Stranz. They're not only sharing expert advice but their Real Couple, Real Story -- on how they make their marriage work, the worst advice they’ve ever received, and how you can create a strong foundation that is centered in love, vulnerability, and trust.

Mallory + Stranz, also open to Zuri about navigating married life as an interracial couple, and balancing their attachment styles. Lastly, they share their expert advice on how happy couples can argue better.

Stay tuned to the end of the episode, for this week’s Party Trick: Three vocab words GUARANTEED to help fix you + your partners’ communication styles!

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