21.5: Soooo.... I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! *Bonus Episode*


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Your girl’s officially a first-time homeowner... what. a. process. You’ve been asking for updates, so here they are! In today’s bonus episode, Zuri is sharing her journey over the last 6 months... and her homebuying experience in Los Angeles. What she discovered during the process, why it’s important to be intentional during this emotional roller coaster, AND answers your burning questions on how her boyfriend, Sean Culkin, fits into this big ol’ sexy life update!

If you dig this sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of Zuri’s home buying experience, stick around... because in two weeks we’re moving into our Career & Finance series! You’ll hear from experts & real women who share: how to fix bad credit, tips on networking (without being a stalker), how to work with your BFF, and MORE advice on how to purchase a home!⠀

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