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Today we’re talking about the big D -- yep Divorce. This is a heavy topic but an important one because let's face it… sh*t happens and people get divorced. Today, Zuri sits down with Sy Neary, who is a certified divorce coach.

Sy dives into the nitty-gritty of her own Real Woman, Real Story: getting married + divorced in her early 20s (with a 14-month-old child!); how she learned to navigate that space on her own; finding love again; and why she’s now dedicated her life to helping women (and men) through that same process... and to ultimately figure out if they should stay or if they should go (because yes, sometimes the answer is: stay!).

Later, we have another #AskZuri segment! Z answers a listener's question about ‘her boyfriend + some questionable behavior that she thinks might be toxic’ — Z shares her advice about this guy’s behavior... and points out some MAJOR red flags!

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Content Warning: Momentary Mention of Suicide, 11:22 - 12:42

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